Pay Using Zelle

For electronic payments to GSSP Plano, you can follow the instructions below. Instructions below work for most banks.

    1. Sign on to Bank Online on your digital device. Find Send Money with Zelle® under Pay Online or Transfer & Pay in the menu.

    2. Once you click Send, the Select Recipient screen should come up. Select the “ + ” icon at the upper right of your screen, enter under Email or mobile, and enter “GSSP Plano” as the recipient’s first name, then select Continue.

    3. Review the “First-Time Recipient” pop-up to ensure that it says and select Continue.

    4. From the Enter Amount screen, choose the account you want your donation to come from, enter the amount you’d like to donate, then select Review.

    5. Review the details and finally select Send to finish the transaction.

Pay Via Check

1. Make Checks payable to “GSSP”

2. Bring Check to GSSP event or mail check to:

Ratilal Kyada, GSSP Treasurer

13281 Juliet Way

Frisco, TX. 75035

3. More info on membership email to:

Pay Via PayPal